tragic shooting at Georgia Tech over the weekend, when campus police shot and killed a knife-wielding 21-year-old student, is raising all kind of questions about mental illness and political correctness, and the proper use of deadly force.

After writing three suicide notes, Scout Schultz called 911 Saturday night to report an armed man roaming the campus, describing himself to the dispatcher in what is being called a suicide-by-cop scenario. A fellow student filmed the inevitable standoff, which shows Schultz walking toward a police officer - and asking to be killed -before the officer fired a single shot that killed him.

After viewing the filmed confrontation, Blue Lives Matter spokesman Randy Sutton says police followed protocol by creating distance between themselves and Schultz while trying to talk him down.

"Come on, man. Drop the knife," one officer can tells Schultz. "Come on, drop it. Drop it."
"Shoot me," Schutlz responds.
"No, drop the knife," says the officer.

"Not only did they give the orders and try and deescalate, they also retreated," Sutton, a veteran police officer, tells OneNewsNow.
Twenty-four hours after the fatal shooting, some students were rioting on campus and shouting, "Death! Pigs! Murderers!"

Yet another angle of the George Tech shooting is Schultz's sexuality. The young man identified as transgender and used the pronoun "they," and his "suicide by cop" has been traced to his past attempt at suicide.

In a tweet that blamed law enforcement, homosexual-rights group GLAAD praised Schultz as an "LGBTQ campus organizer" at Georgia Tech who "lost their life at the hands of campus police during a mental health crisis."

A follow-up tweet from the group demanded better "mental health resources" for homosexuals and more training for police officers to deal with the mentally ill.
The irony of a demand for mental help is that homosexual activists arm-twisted the American Psychological Association to drop homosexuality as a mental illness four decades ago. In more recent years, APA softened its definition of transgenderism to from a disorder to "gender dysphoria" but refused to drop the term altogether.  
Transgenders, incidentally, suffer from a double-digit suicide rate.

Conservative activist and attorney Matt Barber asks rhetorically if a professor, school counselor, or a roommate would dare to link Schultz's sexuality with his lingering mental problems. To do so, he says, would bring the label "homophobe" and likely loss of a job.

"No one dare challenge the new LGBT orthodoxy that says gender identity is a subjective thing," says Barber. "No," he adds, "they're struggling with a mental disorder."
Schultz's fathe,  Bill, told CBS News that his son was struggling with his sexual identity and has attempted to commit suicide.

"He did have some issues two years ago when he first came out as non-binary gender," the father said of his now-deceased son.
"By 'issues,'" the reporter asked, "you mean...?"
"Well," the father replied, "he did attempt suicide once."
Georgia Tech student Kirby Jackson, a close friend of Schultz, confirmed to Yahoo News that Schultz had discussed a suicide-by-cop scenario. But Jackson still blamed the police officer who shot him for lacking crisis training, arguing that officers should have wrestled him to the ground or offered to help him instead of demanding that he drop the knife.

Jackson, who described herself as a transgender "pansexual" like Schultz, also complained that the campus mental health services offers only 16 counseling sessions per calendar year.

What ultimately killed Schultz, Barber says, is a culture of "homo-fascism" that celebrated an obviously mentally ill young man then blamed the cops who were forced to take his life.

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