Alarmed that an overwhelming number of transgender youth are harming themselves, a former transgender says they need help, not affirmation.

OneNewsNow turned to Walt Heyer, who transitioned from male to female in his 40s before reverting back, after research from the University of Cambridge reports that 96 percent of transgender youth harm themselves, including cutting and suicide attempts.

Approximately 400 Scottish students were surveyed for the study, which showed that 40 percent of trans youth have attempted suicide. That number mirrors  figures cited by the trans community in the United States.

The alarming numbers are not new, says Heyer, who now speaks and writes about the transgender issue at age 74 after living as "Laura" for eight years. 
Heyer has stated his struggles began at the age of five when his grandmother began dressing him in female clothes and a relative began sexually abusing him shortly thereafter.  
"They did a study conducted with a university in the U.K. that studied 100 different research articles on regret and de-transition," Heyer recalls, "and found that people suffered a great deal after having reassignment surgery."

OneNewsNow and other media outlets have pointed out the American Psychological Association, under pressure from homosexual activists, changed transgenderism from "gender identity disorder" to the much milder term "gender dysphoria" in 2013.
Homosexual activists were unhappy even with the new term but the APA - which similarly dropped homosexuality as a mental illness 40 years ago - refused to drop the term entirely, citing the need for transgenders to receive medical care.
Heyer says the medical community is rushing transgenders into a life-altering surgery without treating the underlying causes.

"Sixty to seventy percent of them," he says of transgenders, "are suffering from undiagnosed and untreated comorbid disorders such as bipolar disorder, dissociative disorder, body dismorphic disorder, even schizophrenia."

The same Cambridge study reported that one-quarter of the homosexuals surveyed admitted they attempted suicide and 60 percent of them reported they self-harm themselves, too.

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