Mitt Romney’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has a long and storied history of racism...

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Choke hold specialists Mitt Romney would gladly sell the American asset(Freedom) to the highest bidder,(NWO) he's a NWO [scumbag at large, Lawless](Choke hold specialists Mitt Romney would gladly sell the American asset(Freedom) to the highest bidder,(NWO) he's a NWO scumbag at large, Lawless...)

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Let’s start from the beginning. Both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young — two LDS founders with whom almost everyone should be familiar — believed that black skin was part of the Curse of Cain or the Curse of Ham. Young thought the curse made people of color ineligible to vote or marry Caucasians, to say nothing of being able to assume the priesthood.

Both men also figured the curse justified slavery — something Young was instrumental in instituting in the Utah territory.

While this was the 19th century, things changed awfully slowly. As late as 2003, church literature encouraged young people to marry individuals from their own racial background. Mormon-dominated Utah had anti-miscegenation laws on the books until 1963, just four years before the Supreme Court ruled them unconstitutional in Loving v. Virginia.

So, how to fight back against the tedium? Well, he can’t call corporations people or say that 47 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes; he’s already tried both those things. Instead, he decided to take a very 2018 approach to drumming up some publicity: calling a prominent person a bigot.

It wasn’t just the priesthood that African-Americans couldn’t attain, either. Up until 1978, they were unable to participate in celestial marriages — a covenant ceremony that takes place inside an LDS temple — meaning they were treated the same as unmarried whites in the eyes of the church.

Of course, it wasn’t like there were a whole lot of African-Americans who had to worry about this. Even if you discount the fact that there wasn’t exactly a line of people willing to sign up to join a faith where they were officially discriminated against, Mormon missionaries tended to avoid black areas and discouraged people of color from inquiring further about the church. Source

Here's the bottom line, Mitt Romney is a successful loser (Chokehold specialist), he Specialized in small corporations that are in financial trouble, come in as someone that was there to help (He's a predator), but in reality, stripped (sells) the company assets they pledged for a loan from Romney's financial group, let's face it, you would be hard-pressed to find someone, anyone who says Romney is a good person, he's not, he is a two-faced hypocritical unethical businessman and a member of one of the largest bigotry cults (The Mormons) in the world, he's not to be trusted....

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