MLK’s niece encourages America to ‘pray without ceasing’ … especially for Donald Trump...

Dr. Alveda King, niece of the late Martin Luther King Jr., encouraged America to “pray without ceasing” while discussing the life of evangelist Billy Graham who passed away Wednesday.

King said she once met Graham when she was working as a young freelance journalist and he told her prayer is the cornerstone of life

“As we were talking, I was giving him all my theology, acknowledging his relationship with my uncle. And I asked him how to solve the problems of the world. And he gave me a word. He said we need to always pray without ceasing,” King said Thursday on “Fox & Friends.” “So I looked at him. That was a new buzz word ’24/7.’ I said, ‘Who can pray 24/7?’ He looked at me with those piercing blue eyes and said, ‘I’m praying for you right now.’”

King said prayer should be reintroduced back into public life and schools to encourage young people to seek God first and to help bring everyone together.

“I believe if [Graham] was still here today and of course I can’t speak for him, but he would speak now about prayer. About asking the young people to seek God, to seek Jesus. Reverend Graham, evangelist Graham in his lifetime spoke against the harmful impact of abortion and to raise our children well. I know he would like to see prayer back in schools and prayer back in the lives of all people,” King said, adding:

So I believe his word was so encouraging throughout those 99 years I attended some of his meetings as well. So I would ask everyone now in the face of all we are going through to join President Trump in prayer and to pray for America and remember one of the greatest prayer warriors — one of the greatest evangelist, probably the greatest evangelist of almost all time, evangelist Billy Graham.

Dr. Alveda King has shown herself to be a woman of great character, we should all learn from individuals like Ms.King...

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