Ontario Government/Anti-Christian Persecution of Whatcott family...

SrhNews.blog-Persecution of an innocent Christian Bill Whatcott, who always ministers according to his Christian beliefs and always felt obligated to serve God by speaking the truth and sharing the Gospel. Bill's arrest shocked many Christians and Canadians. A Canada wide warrant was issued for Bill Whatcott to face a Hate Crime Charge. Bill is a pure loving soul who cares for everyone even the homosexual community. The mainstream media and leftists are trying to mislead everyone to believe he is a hater but in reality they are the ones who hate and they are trying to take away our freedom of speech and Christian liberty.

The police were looking for Bill Whatcott in three different provinces. After finding out there was a Canada wide warrant issued for him Bill decided to turn himself in at the Calgary Police Headquaters on June 22, 2018. Bill was jailed 20 times for fighting for unborn babies, but this time he was treated the worst than ever before. He wasn't fed for 24 hours, denied medication for an eye infection and a leg inflammation. One police officer did not even allow him to sleep. When he fell asleep he was woken up by police officer in hospital. No bed for 3 days just a concrete floor.

After being released on bail Bill was just thrown on the streets of Toronto. Shortly after he got a phone call from his employer with the news he has no job anymore. Many of good hearted people wanted to help for the family while we are going through this hard time, since Bill was the only financial provider to them due to Jadranka's medical condition. Sadly, GoFundMe shut down their campaign after homosexual activists complained and the money raised was returned to donors.

Thank you for supoporting the Whatcott family during this difficult time.

God bless



Drop Charges Against Bill Whatcott!

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