Residents of a Texas city are waiting to see if the local public library truly listened to their concerns regarding the promotion of the homosexual agenda.

After parents discovered that the public library in Temple, Texas had set up a pro-LGBTQ lifestyle display in the children's section, local resident Joe Goodson of Concerned Christian Citizens met with library officials. He posed that if they were going to promote that lifestyle, then they should also have a display of books that might help individuals leave that lifestyle behind. At the quarterly board meeting, 40-50 residents showed up, and 80 percent of them delivered a message:

"That is a political agenda that doesn't apply to our town, and we really don't want you to do this again," Goodson reports.

Library officials say the program is one promoted by the American Library Association, which is extremely liberal and fails to consider the beliefs of people whom the libraries serve. So Goodson's group is asking for their reconsideration.

"They are rewriting their policy, or perhaps even just writing their policy now, and we really believe that could go either way," he tells OneNewsNow. "What we want when it comes to books in a library -- that's one thing. But when it comes to taking a non-neutral advocacy position … they need to stand back from our children."

Concerned residents of Temple at last have the library officials' attention and have made it clear that they will not tolerate the promotion of an immoral lifestyle that does not reflect the view of most of the town's residents.


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