Studies conducted by University of Texas Sociology Professor Mark Regnerus divulge that children who live with a parent involved in a same-sex relationship are much worse off than children who live with their biological parents – a finding that has come under scathing attacks by pro-LGBT activists and researchers.

Research also shows that minors’ homosexual encounters with same-sex mates are much more detrimental than Americans have been led to believe over the years.
“Twenty years after politicians and researchers howled in protest at research suggesting there was no lasting harm to minors who engage in same-sex sexual relationships with much older adults, similar research now is being met with the silence of the scientific community and may be used to challenge age of consent laws,” WND reports.
Perpetuating destructive behavior
Regnerus is tired of watching researchers publish bad science in the Archives of Sexual Behavior that disarms Americans against the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle.

“[As indicated in the archives], researcher Bruce Rind has led studies suggesting there was no noticeable difference in long-term regret, shame or other negative reactions when compared to the teenagers’ long-term response after having sex for the first time with boys or girls of the same age,” WND’s Greg Corombos informed. “In the Rind studies, the minor girls studied were age 15 on average, while their same-sex partners were 26 years old on average. For males, the boys were an average of 15 and their partners were 28 on average.”

According to Regnerus, respected academic journals are once again – after nearly 20 years – publishing bad and misleading information geared to remove the stigma that such sexual relations are hazardous to minor’s physical and psychological health.
“And now, here they are – back again in respectable academic journals,” Regnerus warned, according to WND. “Here they are teeing up the kind of evidence to overturn age of consent laws. I’m not sure there’s another way to read that. That’s what I saw when I read them. They all come from the same person.”

The Texas scholar points out the hidden dangers of unleashing such bad information to the public – especially because the scientific community has not bothered to address the bad science being disseminated.

“It’s not as if (the studies) are being praised or lauded – it’s that they have been released and published … largely to quiet,” Regnerus added. “To be quiet here is to be complicit. And so, I thought we have to call this out. It’s disturbing that this guy publishes stuff on minor-adult sex to quietness and anything I say is shouted down from the rooftops, which is distressing, to say the least.”
It is argued that the lack of outrage over the lies being published – that minor-adult sex is healthy – will lead toward such behavior becoming mainstream in America.

“Downstream from documenting something becomes acceptability, which becomes something that’s legal,” Regnerus pointed out, noting that U.S. taxpayers are funding the normalization of statutory rape. “I don’t know that we’ll ever legalize this sort of thing. I pray not. But there is a bridge being built in that direction. There’s not just foundation money underwriting this. Even the federal government – via the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation – is tacitly complicit in this type of research.”

He blames much of the apathy on America’s acceptance of the nationwide legalization of same-sex “marriage” a few years ago by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).
“The quest for marriage – I say in my new book entitled Cheap Sex – was actually a sort of cultural land grab,” the expert on human sexuality contended. “Here, we’re seeing a little more evidence that what’s at stake here is human decency and the dignity of children and persons in general.”
A ticking time bomb …

The infiltration of bogus so-called “research findings” into scientific literature will take its toll on American society.
“Regnerus also condemns the research methods – from tiny numbers of sample cases to questionably gathered data,” Corombos noted. “He says LGBT activists often use small samples to conclude there is no harm to children in same-sex parenting situations, as well. Also disturbing to Regnerus is that Rind admits many of the boys and girls went along with the same-sex experience and did not resist – even though they did not want it.”

The social conservative warns how Rind avoids addressing the serious consequences of delving into homosexual activity.
“One of the ploys going on here is the, ‘Oh, regardless of the situation in which the first sex occurred, the outcomes long term are OK and going along with it is some form of consent,'” Regnerus explained. “That’s a ridiculous notion to suspect that somehow we’re talking about power that’s equal between a 13-year-old and say a 27- or 28-year-old. It’s a ludicrous notion.”
The dangers of convincing youth that same-sex relationships are harmless and should be celebrated – instead of dangerous and to be avoided – is feared to bring about a landslide of socially and morally destructive behavior.

“Regnerus further asserts that because such events can convince young people that they must be of a certain sexual persuasion, that they don’t look back on such experiences negatively and may even look back on them as enjoyable, a metric he says Rind also equates with consent,” Corombos relayed. “He says it is very difficult to quantify the true impact of such an event years – or even decades – later.”
It is emphasized that the cultural and scientific Left are relentless in trying to reach their goal – sexual mores with no boundaries.

“What we’re looking at is sort of a comprehensive union when we’re talking about the sexual union,” Regnerus concluded. “It’s just frightening to me that people want to pick apart at that until there’s almost nothing left.”
Removing the age of sexual consent will open up adolescents to dangers they are not prepared to handle.

“With Rind’s work published to little critique, the age of consent is faltering – now aided by multiple peer-reviewed publications,” Regnerus explained last week in the Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse. “Such laws were meant to protect the innocent and shield the vulnerable, but instead of these longstanding concerns, values like sexual exploration and autonomy have begun to emerge as linchpins of a ‘healthier’ sexuality at the same time as the language of public health and social science have come to dominate discourse in this domain. Bruce Rind seems to be a pathfinder whose task is to discern just how fertile the soil is for yet more socio-sexual change.”

Not the same …
Regnerus published some controversial and eye-opening findings in his New Family Structure Study (NFSS) several years back that put to rest arguments from the Left that same-sex couples are just as capable of providing a healthy, wholesome and nurturing environment to raise children.

The professor based out of Austin, Texas, discovered that when children are raised in a home with same-sex parents – as opposed to a home with heterosexual married parents – they are much more likely to …
Experience poor educational attainment
Report overall lower levels of happiness, mental and physical health.
Have impulsive behavior
Be in counseling or mental health therapy (2xs)
Suffer from depression (by large margins)
Have recently thought of suicide (significantly)
Identify as bisexual, lesbian or gay
Have male on male or female on female sex partners (dramatically higher)
Currently be in a same-sex romantic relationship (2x to 3x more likely) 
Be asexual (females with lesbian parents)
As adults, be unmarried; much more likely to cohabit
As adults, more likely to be unfaithful in married or cohabiting relationships
Have a sexually transmitted infection (STI)
Be sexually molested (both inappropriate touching and forced sexual act)
Feel relationally isolated from bio-mother and -father (Although lesbian-parented children do feel close to their bio-mom – not surprisingly – they are not as close as children with a bio-mom married to father)
Be unemployed or part-time employed as young adults
As adults, currently be on public assistance or sometime in their childhood
Live in homes with lower income levels
Drink with intention of getting drunk
To smoke tobacco and marijuana
Spend more time watching TV
Have frequency of arrests
Have pled guilty to minor legal offense

Tragic shooting at Georgia Tech over the weekend, when campus police shot and killed a knife-wielding 21-year-old student, is raising all kind of questions about mental illness and political correctness, and the proper use of deadly force.

After writing three suicide notes, Scout Schultz called 911 Saturday night to report an armed man roaming the campus, describing himself to the dispatcher in what is being called a suicide-by-cop scenario. A fellow student filmed the inevitable standoff, which shows Schultz walking toward a police officer - and asking to be killed -before the officer fired a single shot that killed him.

After viewing the filmed confrontation, Blue Lives Matter spokesman Randy Sutton says police followed protocol by creating distance between themselves and Schultz while trying to talk him down.

"Come on, man. Drop the knife," one officer can tells Schultz. "Come on, drop it. Drop it."
"Shoot me," Schutlz responds.
"No, drop the knife," says the officer.

"Not only did they give the orders and try and deescalate, they also retreated," Sutton, a veteran police officer, tells OneNewsNow.
Twenty-four hours after the fatal shooting, some students were rioting on campus and shouting, "Death! Pigs! Murderers!"

Yet another angle of the George Tech shooting is Schultz's sexuality. The young man identified as transgender and used the pronoun "they," and his "suicide by cop" has been traced to his past attempt at suicide.

In a tweet that blamed law enforcement, homosexual-rights group GLAAD praised Schultz as an "LGBTQ campus organizer" at Georgia Tech who "lost their life at the hands of campus police during a mental health crisis."

A follow-up tweet from the group demanded better "mental health resources" for homosexuals and more training for police officers to deal with the mentally ill.
The irony of a demand for mental help is that homosexual activists arm-twisted the American Psychological Association to drop homosexuality as a mental illness four decades ago. In more recent years, APA softened its definition of transgenderism to from a disorder to "gender dysphoria" but refused to drop the term altogether.
Transgenders, incidentally, suffer from a double-digit suicide rate.

Conservative activist and attorney Matt Barber asks rhetorically if a professor, school counselor, or a roommate would dare to link Schultz's sexuality with his lingering mental problems. To do so, he says, would bring the label "homophobe" and likely loss of a job.

"No one dare challenge the new LGBT orthodoxy that says gender identity is a subjective thing," says Barber. "No," he adds, "they're struggling with a mental disorder."
Schultz's fathe, Bill, told CBS News that his son was struggling with his sexual identity and has attempted to commit suicide.

"He did have some issues two years ago when he first came out as non-binary gender," the father said of his now-deceased son.
"By 'issues,'" the reporter asked, "you mean...?"
"Well," the father replied, "he did attempt suicide once."
Georgia Tech student Kirby Jackson, a close friend of Schultz, confirmed to Yahoo News that Schultz had discussed a suicide-by-cop scenario. But Jackson still blamed the police officer who shot him for lacking crisis training, arguing that officers should have wrestled him to the ground or offered to help him instead of demanding that he drop the knife.

Jackson, who described herself as a transgender "pansexual" like Schultz, also complained that the campus mental health services offers only 16 counseling sessions per calendar year.

What ultimately killed Schultz, Barber says, is a culture of "homo-fascism" that celebrated an obviously mentally ill young man then blamed the cops who were forced to take his life.

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