Many pastors across the country are continuing discussions on how to keep their congregations safe in light of the recent Texas church shooting.

With safety on the minds of many church leaders, Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastors Network, explains that congregations need to be proactive.

After understanding the biblical and moral responsibility of ensuring safety, Rohrer suggests pastors should develop a security team, have them perform a risk assessment, and implement security protocols.

Churches have been assessing their security - or lack of it - after a gunman killed 26 people at a small Texas church in November.

The suggestion of "armed" churchgoers created left-wing mockery among some after the Sutherland Springs shooting, but many churches utilize a volunteer security team, including armed permit holders among the congregation. Still others employ an outside security team.

Rohrer says God's Word directs pastors to be thinking of the wellbeing of their flocks.

Rohrer, Sam (PPN)"The Bible speaks about wolves coming in among you and the Bible talks to us about warning our people so that they know about the wolf,” Rohrer says.

“Now, those wolves are spiritual wolves - they're the ones that are attacking our people spiritually," he adds. "But the sheep are also real in real life and there is the physical wolf, so the protection of them is not just spiritual, it is also physical."

Rohrer tells OneNewsNow this is a proactive position born from understanding the duties and responsibilities of a position in leadership.

"A pastor happens to be spiritual leader/shepherd, but also a physical leader and shepherd," he says.

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