Take a good look at socialized medicine, the powers to be in the United Kingdom are willing to let a child die because he's not part of the elite.. Things to come with the New World Order...

HNewsWire Commentary-The UK Is Basically MURDERING A Child…this is what you can expect when the people allow the elected (Ungodly) officials to dictate every facet of your life- from the top down,(New World order antichrist elitist)can and "will" destroy every bit humanity, kindness, godly affection to GOD's people,It's apparent Great lost Britain Elitist Have full control of who lives and who dies.
StevieRay Hansen
On the same day that a High Court in the United Kingdom ruled 23-month-old Alfie Evans must be taken off of life support, the country of Italy did a surprising and unprecedented thing — it gave the comatose toddler citizenship.

Now, the country says it will file a murder claim against officials in the United Kingdom if Evans isn’t released to Rome for treatment.

For those of you who haven’t been following the heartbreaking saga, here are the basics: Evans has been in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, suffering from a degenerative neurological disorder which requires him to be on a ventilator.

In a move with shades of the Charlie Gard case, medical officials in the U.K.’s socialized health care system decided they wanted to pull the child’s life support without the permission of the parents, Tom Evans and Katie James.

According to the U.K. Telegraph, Evans took his appeal to Pope Francis, telling the pontiff “every sick person may always be respected in their dignity and cared for in an appropriate way for their condition… and with great respect for life.”
On the same day that the High Court ruled that Evans didn’t have a case and hospital administrators could pull his life support — and with 200 angry protesters outside of the hospital — Italy announced it had made Evans a citizen.

“Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano and Interior Minister Marco Minniti have granted citizenship to little Alfie. The Italian government hopes that being Italian will allow the immediate transfer of the child to Italy,” a statement from the Foreign Affairs Ministry read.

The Italian government hopes that Alfie Evans can quickly be transferred to Bambino Gesu hospital in Rome, an institution run by the Vatican. And if the United Kingdom tries to block the move, things could get very ugly very fast.

“If you remove the ventilator from Alfie Evans, we will file a complaint against you for the murder of an Italian citizen,” a statement from the Italian Embassy in London read, according to Matteo Matzuzzi, a Rome-based journalist for Italian newspaper, Il Foglio. Source

Brave Ashya gets all-clear from brain cancer: Parents who were locked up after taking son out of NHS hospital say he has started to speak again and play with siblings in the park.

Brain cancer sufferer Ashya King given all clear after his proton therapy
His parents sparked a manhunt last year when they took him from hospital
Brett and Naghmeh King took him for pioneering treatment in Prague
Mr King said: 'This is a miracle we thought we would never see'
They were arrested and jailed in Spain but then released without charge
Five months on and the five-year-old is recovering well from the treatment
The Kings claim if they had left their son with the NHS he would have died.

The parents of five-year-old brain cancer sufferer Ashya King revealed today their son is clear of the disease.

Brett and Naghmeh King were put in prison after taking their son out of an NHS hospital and going across Europe to seek pioneering proton therapy in the Czech Republic.

Now, some five months after he completed the pioneering treatment, they said Ashya was making good progress, starting to speak again and able to play with his brothers and sisters in the park.

His parents told a newspaper he had been given the all-clear by the private clinic that treated him.

Mr King, 51, told The Sun: 'We are absolutely delighted. It has justified everything we have gone through, because things are working out for Aysha.

'If we had left him with the NHS we don't think he would have survived. We have saved his life.

'We could not sleep before we got this news. Now we are so full of hope for the future. We are jumping up and down with joy this is a miracle we thought we would never see.'

His wife, 46, added: 'We could not sleep before we got this news — now we are so full of hope for the future. We are jumping up and down with joy. It is a miracle we thought we would never see.'

A report issued by the private clinic's oncology department last week declared Ashya cancer-free.

However, the family has yet to return to the UK and are living in their holiday home in Spain.

He described the advanced proton beam therapy treatment Ashya had as 'sniper fire' which specifically targeted the cancer. Source

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