The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history is a horrific attack by one of our very own. Waking up and hearing the fear in people’s voices, listening to the gun shots, it took me back to a war zone.
Striking locations such as concerts, schools, churches, are typically things I see in third world countries that are under a constant state of attack. We call these types of locations soft targets -- vulnerable areas with high occupancy, limited protection, and easily accessible by the public.

Still within hours of the aftermath of Vegas, I worry the horrifying repeat of Orlando, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech shows how vulnerable we are as a nation, both on our soil and now at a global level.
How are we working to protect ourselves on the home front? Are we making valuable legislative changes that will make these horrific events impossible to take place again?

Unfortunately, there is no escaping it any longer. Other countries who have lived this pattern before will tell us that this attack won’t be the last.
Events like what happened in Vegas will continue as the new normal unless we take actual action to do something about it.

Unfortunately these deadly acts of violence will not change until our hearts are change, how much will the people endure before they realize God must be first..


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