PTC: Involvement with troublesome show is ‘irresponsible’…


The Parents Television Council is urging one of the most influential entertainment figures to keep her name away from one of the most explicit shows on broadcast television.

Oprah Winfrey has been synonymous with Weight Watchers, as the TV star has been a longtime spokeswoman for the company. But that does not bode well for Winfrey, as Weight Watchers has been a consistent sponsor of the sitcom The Mick on Fox. PTC’s Melissa Henson says the show seems to get worse with each episode.

Henson, Melissa (PTC)

“It does seem that each episode goes further than the episode before, that they’re bound and determined to break every remaining taboo on TV,” Henson laments. “When you look at the kind of explicit language they’re using, the extreme sexual situations that’s involving not only young characters, but primarily the messages on this show are completely out of place and completely irresponsible.”

So, she wonders why Winfrey would risk her brand. Henson notes that Winfrey is also a Weight Watchers board member and stakeholder.

“I think that puts an extra responsibility on her to make sure that Weight Watchers is being a responsible corporate citizen,” the PTC spokesperson submits.

So PTC members are being urged to co-sign a letter the organization has written to Winfrey, urging her to get Weight Watchers to stop advertising on the show.


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