Pro-LGBTQ university workshop blasted

Homo Lib Sick.jpg

According to one pro-family leader, Satan is working overtime through a recent workshop offered at a West Virginia university, where employees were subjected to lectures about so-called “heterosexual privilege.”

A reportedly misguided mental health employee at Marshall University decided that the progressive workshop would help other employees to better accommodate the college’s LGBTQ community.

Mission America President Linda Harvey contends that such attacks on traditional culture are nothing less than demonic.

“Satan is working overtime in the hearts of these people to have them lift up destruction and to eliminate godly, healthy, peaceful behaviors that bring well-being,” Harvey asserted.

According to Harvey, participants in the workshop were prompted to write down privileges that heterosexuals have – such as being able to use the bathroom associated with their identified gender without fear.

The Christian leader described the entire training as being sophomoric.

“Marshall University needs to grow up and decide that we’re going to look at the facts of situations – and not cave into special interests [or] sexual anarchists,” Harvey insisted.

According to Heat Street, the workshop on the university campus was optional.


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