A pro-family activist contends the media and Hollywood are overselling homosexuality.

Americans not buying what Tinseltown is selling.

Hollywood has been abuzz about two new movies – Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers – both of which feature characters who are questioning their sexuality. This follows an ABC miniseries that documents the history of “gay rights” called When We Rise, which had low TV ratings.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, says the liberal media is creating an artificial sense of the culture. “If you believe the media, everybody’s pro-gay now – but I don’t think that’s the case,” he offers. “I think people have been sort of brainwashed by the total one-sided coverage of the media and Hollywood.”

Filmmakers and television execs have long fended off criticism of offensive content, saying that their products simply mirror what’s actually happening in society. But the “bubble” created by the liberal media, LaBarbera argues, isn’t reflected in reality.

“… Every once in a while, they overplay their hand and they do this big series on gay rights and nobody watches,” he tells OneNewsNow. “[Nobody watches] because I think the average Joe is still probably sick of the in-your-face homosexuality, all these characters, the most-noble character is gay. I think the average guy – and mom – in America is sick of it … but Hollywood keeps pushing it.”

LaBarbera says he has a burden to counterbalance what the media is doing and get the truth about homosexuality to young people.

When We Rise isn’t the first “gay”-themed program to bomb. The website NewNowText documents more than dozen such TV shows over the past two decades that have fallen considerably short of their hype and been cancelled after just a few episodes. [Editor’s note: No link provided here due to offensive images/descriptions on the website.]



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