Fox News makes light of porn’s harm…


Books have been written on the harms of pornography but last week the Fox News website of all places published the article, “Five ways watching porn can make you a better partner.”

Daniel Weiss of The Brushfires Foundation says he’s seen the deception before.

“This is not surprising,” he warns, “because there are pro-porn researchers out there creating junk science and fake news to convince people that pornography is okay.”

Those “five ways” cited in the article have been proven wrong countless times and by legitimate researchers, and Weiss says the claims have been “soundly refuted” by observable science.

But Weiss says something doesn’t have to be X-rated to be harmful.

“The research really is showing beyond the shadow of a doubt how destructive not just hardcore pornography is, or softcore pornography is, but just these basic sexualized messages – the way we sexualize other people,” he says.

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