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More False Prophets

Jerry Falwell Disturbing evidence exposing Jerry Falwell as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
John MacArthur Denies the efficacy of Jesus’ physical liquid blood.  Also teaches the damnable heresy of Lordship Salvation.
R.B. Thieme Jr. Denies the efficacy of Jesus’ physical liquid blood.
Billy Graham Evidence exposing Billy Graham as a loyal servant of the antichrist.
Ray Comfort Teaches the damnable heresy of Lordship Salvation.
Paul Washer Teaches the damnable heresy of Lordship Salvation.
Jack Chick Teaches the damnable heresy of Lordship Salvation.
Kenneth Copeland Satanic influence over Kenneth Copeland.
Chuck Colson Evidence from Colson’s own words that he is not a Christian at all, but is really an antichristian ecumenical Romanist.
Cyrus I. Scofield Read the evidence that proves that C.I. Scofield was a fraud and a con artist who worked hand in hand with Zionist Jews to corrupt the gospel of Christ in order to further their evil ends.
Paul Stanley Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta.
Pat Robertson Wealthy host of the 700 Club.
Dr. James Dobson One of the most famous heretical “Christian” psychologists.
Mother Teresa Loyal servant of Satan and his antichrist.
Martin Luther One might find it surprising that Martin Luther should be included here, but he deserves his spot on this infamous list.  He said that salvation was by faith alone, but he did not mean what he said.  He added that salvation must be “through baptism!”  In his catechism he taught that baptism gives the forgiveness of sins, redeems one from death, and bestows eternal salvation.
Hank Hanegraaff and CRI The “Bible Answer Man” doesn’t really have the answers!
List of Traitors A list of ostensible “Christian” leaders who are leading their followers to Rome.
Funeral Home Fraud Funerals and Rip-offs The top link is Catholic Priest Henry Wasielewski’s sworn testimony before the U.S. Senate about the pervasive fraud in the funeral home industry.  Both Protestant pastors and Catholic priests know that most funeral homes engage in deceitful and unfair trade practices which fraudulently take advantage of the public.  Yet most remain silent as their flocks are fleeced. The bottom link is Wasielewski’s website that is chock full of evidence on funeral home rip-offs and how one can avoid being defrauded.
Ellen G. White A site that exposes the apostasy of Ellen G. White, the cofounder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
Putting White to the Test Proof that Ellen G. White was a false prophet.
7th Day Adventism Renounced D.M. Canright, was a former member of the General Conference Committee of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA). He was one of only three members serving on the council, along with SDA cofounder James White and one Mr. Haskell, making him one of the three highest officials in the SDA.  Prior to leaving the SDA Canright was a teacher of theology in the SDA college at Battle Creek. He was writing the lessons for all their SDA Sabbath Schools throughout the world. He had the charge of some eighteen SDA churches in Michigan. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Sabbath School Association. He was member of the Executive Committee of the Michigan State Sabbath School Association. At the session of the general conference before he left the SDA, he was chairman of the International Sabbath School Association, and was on nine different committees, several of which were the most important committees in the general conference (e.g., the committee on distribution of laborers throughout the world, the theological committee, the committee on camp meetings, the committee on a special course of study at the SDA college, and the committee on the improvement of the SDA ministry). The SDA published over twenty different publications written by Canright. The circulation of Canrights publications reached into the hundreds of thousands. Canright ultimately came to realize the doctrinal bankruptcy of the SDA and left the organization. He became a Baptist minister and in 1914 he wrote a book (hyperlinked at left) which exposed the evils of the SDA and the apostasy of the SDA founders, Ellen G. White and her husband, James White. Canright was an insider who speaks from authority. He also proves, through a thorough review of scripture, the theological errors of the SDA.
Mormon Evil Exposed Read the undeniable evidence that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, the founders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS), were pagan Freemasons.  The LDS, founded in 1830 after the nationwide upheaval over the murder by Freemasons of Captain Morgan, is nothing more than Freemasonry reconstituted to appear as a Christian church.  In reality it is a soul damning pagan organization, which denies Christ and worships Lucifer.
Mormonism Explained The secret cabalistic doctrines of the Mormon “church” revealed.  While this website has excellent information on the evil doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon church), it contains some doctrines which are contrary to sound biblical doctrine.  For example on the website it states: “Our eternal destiny (heaven or hell) is based entirely upon personal choices we make based upon our own freewill. If we end up in hell, we can only blame ourselves!”  That is directly contrary to what God states in the Holy Bible.  The reality is that man’s will is not free, it is enslaved to sin. Man will not serve God nor seek God, because man is spiritually dead. “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.”  Romans 3:10-11.  It is God’s will that is free not man’s will, and by his grace we are born again.  God does the choosing, not man. James 1:18.  We are saved by the sovereign grace of God.  “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.”  Ephesians 2:8.  It is by the will of God, not by the will of man that one is saved.  “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”  John 1:12-13.
Masons and Mormons Audio sermons on Freemasonry and Mormonism.
Judaism is Antichrist The words “Judaism is antichrist” here are being used to describe the nature of Judaism.  The pope of Rome is “the” antichrist (noun).  The commonly used term “Judeo-Christian tradition” is an oxymoron.  There can no more be a Judeo-Christian tradition than there can be a Catholic-Christian, Islamic-Christian, or a Satanic-Christian tradition.  All of those religions art antithetical to Christianity.  Those religions are antichrist, and as such there can be no religious agreement between them and Christianity.
Allah the Moon god Read the excellent online bible tract that explains that Allah is actually the pagan moon god.
The Pilgrimage Read another tract that explains the eternal consequences of Islam.
Protestants No More A Protestant used to be a Christian who fearlessly preached the gospel and protested against the antichrist church of Rome.  That is no longer the case.  Why?   Because Satan and his Roman church have actively worked to undermine the Protestant churches.  This bible tract by Jack Chick (now out of print) is an excellent summary of the steps the Roman Catholic Church has taken to undermine the former Protestant churches.  There is only a small remnant of true Protestants remaining; nowadays almost none of the nominal Protestant churches preach the gospel or protest against the hellish doctrines and practices of Rome.
Modern Apostasy Exposed This website of Cephas Ministry contains lots of valuable information on the false doctrines in the Mormon Church, Jehovah Witnesses, the RCC, and other antichristian organizations.  In addition, the website exposes the unbiblical teachings of T.D. Jakes, Paul Crouch, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, E.V. Hill, Peter Popoff, Creflo Dollar, Bob Larson, and many other wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing | Greedy Televangelists

False Doctrines | The King James Bible Defended


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