Secular & Christian Illuminati Music Taking Worldly Church’s to Hell , Be Warned….

Hillsong is another one, and have actually resorted to showing naked cowboys and Austin Powers. Switchfoot is another one, as well (which is sad, since I happen to like them, musically). If you hear them, they are heavily given to emergent doctrines as well as secular philosophy. Lecrae is another one, and is heavily given to occult iconography. There’s a lot of it out there.

I don’t like Chris Tomlin. Actually we can be very sure that anyone who gets a big name in Christian music is false. The only way a Christian can know is through discernment. If you are truly saved, you will not buy into secular Christian music. I steer away from Chris Tomlins songs. If you really want to feel bad, go to a Christian book store and look around. The lord showed me the Satanism behind music when I was in my twenties. I threw all of my albums and 45’s in the garbage. Eagles, Beatles etc. I had started a collection.

It’s my guess that even the popular so-called Christian artists sold their soul for their fame. there is this Christian rap video by an artist named T-bone. It’s called “name droppin.” at the beginning of the video, there is this kid that puts a record on a record player and there’s a picture of a man who is famous and hated Jesus, then the video starts. The whole video has a really strange feel. Like they’re being purposely dishonest.

On another note, I like how you addressed folk music  a lot of people like to get angry about rock, but many tend to forget that rock n’ roll learned a lot of its depravity from country music (This is from me, someone who likes the sound of both country and rock, but who is honest enough to tell the history of it). Many people think that country music is “God, family, and country.” Well, actually they were not, at all. That image is actually the result of some country musicians cleaning up their acts. Many country musicians were deists, and pantheists. Willie Nelson is still not repentant with God. There are some that were outright blasphemous. There is an old country song that is titled, “I’m the only hell my mama has ever raised. “They were also very reprobate in terms of morals as well. Dolly Parton “staged the slut” (pardon my language) long before Courtney Love, Donita Sparks, and others ever did. June Carter (before she became a Christian) had multiple marriages. Even people back then, who were criticizing rock and roll, knew this. They criticized it because of it’s rhythm. Well, the rhythm is actually due to country, and the melody is due to blues. Many people view country as their route to rock n’ roll. Aaron Lewis (from Staind) is a fan of country music, is actually trying to produce country music, and is actually doing pretty good (musically) with it. As for me, when I became a Christian, I took down a lot of the music I used to listen to. I pray that my flesh dies daily, and it gets closer to Christ’s image.

Christian Pop and Rock has never led anyone to anything but worldliness. I am so wearied with professed Christian singers.

Followers, church people, counterfeits, imposters, Satan’s decoys, Satan’s children, antichrists, religious bigots.

are flashed by the artists at ALL their music concerts. The love of money is truly the root of all evil, and the CCM industry rakes in billions-of-dollars annually.

All of the CCM artists being idolized and promoted are apostate, lewd, worldly, carnal and some even blaspheme Jesus Christ. You’ll be hard-pressed to find the mention of the precious name of Jesus in most of CCM’s songs. Christian Rock is nothing more than a saved teenager’s excuse to listen to Rock music in these Last Days. The Heavy-Metal band, As I Lay Dying falsely professes to be a Christian band, and is sadly praised by ChristianityToday (founded by apostate Billy Graham) as a Christian group; but they were the opening band at OZZFEST!

Music is a stronghold in a teenager’s life, preventing them from seeking God. The singers are worldly, leading young people to think that once you are saved there won’t be any changes in your life. The message is clear: You can live like the Devil, dress filthy, watch dirty movies, talk like the heathen, party like the wicked; and still please God as a Christian. In sharp contrast, the Bible tells us to fear God and depart from evil (Proverb 3:5-7). The distance between the Church and the sinful world is decreasing. As the Church becomes more worldly; so also is the world becoming more churchy. This ought not be!

The CCM industry is evil. The gospel message is not only hidden, it is corrupted. I challenge you to find ANY mainstream CCM artist’s website which preaches the gospel message. You won’t! They love the praise of men more than the praise of God (John 12:43). They claim to love Jesus with their hand over their mouth. They profess to love a God whose Word they dare not preach to their fans.

Amy Grant has stated . . .

“I’m a singer, not a preacher, I’m not looking to convert anybody.” (Los Angeles Times, 5/4/84, pg. 2-c)

Oh my. As Christians, we should all be trying to get souls saved. Amy Grant has made tens-of-millions of dollars through her musical career, professing to be a Christian; but she has not glorified God when she neglects to use her massive public influence to share the gospel with the lost. I do not condemn anyone, for the Lord Himself does not condemn anyone (John 3:17). However, the Bible does condemn humanity, all of us, as guilty sinners (Romans 3:19). The reason why I expose the CCM industry and its participants is because they are pulling on the same rope as the Devil. Proverb 3:7 tells us to fear God and depart from evil; not love self and embrace sin.

I love people in the Lord, and I certainly do not point fingers at anyone for their sins; but taking a Biblical stand for God against evil influences in society is our duty as believers (Ephesians 5:11). I am not condemning Amy Grant and Michael Smith; but rather, am exposing the demonic CCM industry they support. I am exposing Amy’s public influence upon millions of young teenagers, who now have the attitude that they shouldn’t win souls, since they’re not preachers. Proverb 11:30 says a wise person wins souls. That includes everyone! Daniel 12:3 speaks of those who will shine as the brightness of the stars in eternity, for turning many to righteousness, i.e., the righteousness of Jesus Christ which brings salvation (2nd Corinthians 5:21). Is Amy Grant turning teenagers to Jesus Christ, or to the world? You know the answer, the world.

I only have a small website compared to all of the mainstream CCM artists. I have no concerts. I have no massive public influence; but I use what influence God has given me to warn people of the everlasting punishment to come in the Lake of Fire, for all Christ-rejecters who die in their sins. I care. I don’t want anyone to go to Hell. That is exactly how God feels (2nd Peter 3:9). If we are to exemplify Jesus Christ in our life, then we ought to care about the souls of others. Where will they spend eternity? Every time I hear of a famous person passing away, I wonder if they went to Heaven or Hell? It’s one or the other friend. Where will you spend eternity, smoking or non-smoking?

There is nothing wrong with contemporary music, or making up your own songs. In fact, that’s exactly what the Bible teaches we should do (Ephesians 5:19). But when you turn the grace of God into a money-making business, setting aside the Gospel in order to sell worldly music labeled as “Christian” to worldly religious youth, then you’ve crossed the line with God. God says He vomits lukewarm believers out of His mouth (Revelation 3:15,16). The entire CCM industry is lukewarm. They claim to love God and want to serve the Lord; but in actuality, they serve the Devil by serving themselves, making tons of money, and the Gospel is nowhere to be found.

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