“The homosexual, bisexual and transgender agenda is not compatible with true Christian conservativism…

        The entire LGBT community is based on mental disorders

Homosexual rights activists don’t want equal rights; they want privileged rights above and beyond what normal straight people have.  And this it’s only going to get worse.

In a recent incident, Natalie Johnson, an employee at a Macy’s store in San Antonio was fired because a cross dressing pervert complained that his LGBT rights were violated.

Natalie observed a male shopper exiting a women’s dressing room.  The man was dressed in women’s clothing and was wearing make-up.  She approached him and told him that these dressing rooms were for women only and that he was not allowed to use them.  The customer complained to Macy’s management that he thought that the store was LGBT friendly.  The management agreed with the customer and confronted Natalie for her actions.

Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel explained what happened,

Then [he] contacted the management and said that this was an LGBT-friendly store.  And to Natalie Johnson’s surprise, management took the customer’s position and affirmed that it is an LGBT-friendly store and said that according to their policy, ‘transgendered’ people can change in any dressing room they want.

“Natalie’s situation represents what we’re going to see around the country if we have this LBGT agenda continue to advance. It literally has become the theatre of the absurd.

“This policy at Macy’s is fraught with problems — it will alienate and offend the majority of their customers, particularly women.  They obviously do not, nor should they have to put up with, men using the women’s fitting rooms.”

How many of you women would like some male pervert in the same lady’s dressing rooms as you intend to use?  Or how many of you men out there would like a cross dressing homosexual to be in there with your wife, girlfriend or daughter?  If they can use a women’s dressing room at a department store, what will stop one of them from insisting on using the girl’s shower at a public school?  Now would you want your daughter exposed to that?

If other sexual perverts, molesters, peepers and rapists hear about this, what is to stop them from cross dressing and insisting on using the ladies dressing rooms, lockers or showers?  How many of our wives, sisters, mothers and daughters will be sexually violated by those taking advantage of Macy’s policy?

I don’t know about you, but I fully intend on letting Macy’s know that their dealings in this matter are reprehensible and that as long as they continue to give special treatment to homosexuals that they will never again have my business and I would hope that many of you will do the same.

The incident at Macy’s is not an isolated case and if President Obama gets his way, it will happen more and more here in the US and abroad.

Last week, Obama was attending a $10,000 a plate fund raiser with leaders from the gay rights community.  During the event, Obama shared with his perverted guests that he was expanding his foreign policy goals and would be pressing other nations to extend legal rights to homosexuals worldwide.

It’s bad enough that Obama has to force gay rights down the throats of American citizens who adamantly believe it to be a sinful and immoral lifestyle, but now he wants to shove it down the throats of the entire world.  Why would he even care unless he is courting their votes and preparing for a one world government which he longs to be part of?

This whole gay rights thing is getting completely out of control.  They are being giving rights that supersede those of anyone else and they still aren’t happy.  They will continue to push their sinful agenda until they not only have all of the rights, but make it a crime to even look at them with the disdain they have coming to them.  They’ll be able to go anywhere and do anything they want regardless of how immoral or repulsive it is to the rest of us and there won’t be anything we can do about it.


SrhNews.Blog Commentary ,

When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, 2nd Peter 2:6 teaches that it was done as “AN EXAMPLE” of what God would do to the wicked in eternity, punishing them in the Lake of Fire forever!!! Sodom and Gomorrah shows us exactly what God thinks about sin, not just homosexuality, but all sin. I say this in love because I care about you. When you love someone, you don’t look the other way while they self-destruct. Instead, you do what you can to warn, help and pray for them. I pray for my web visitors daily, that God would work in people’s hearts to make an eternal difference. I want what’s best for you! Homosexuality is of the Devil.

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