Rainbow flag OK, but national motto crosses the line…


Commentary By StevieRay Hansen 

Homosexuality is one of many weapons in the armory of Evil in its assault on Ordered Creation on Earth. Moreover, it is also fundamental to the wicked and evil strategy of the Confederacy of Evil to collapse Western Civilization. Hence, their lackeys and Useful Idiots posing as Humanists and Professional Liberals use it to attack Natural Moral Order on Earth. The Humanist and the Professional Liberal in the guise of “social libertarians” have sought to move the argument over the morality of Sodomy out of the philosophical and religious arenas and into the political arena.

The rationalist attacks upon organized religion and the successes of science have left the Churches exhausted and secretly shamed. They have all but given up the fight to stop the Homosexual Agenda from succeeding. The Anglican Church is almost destroyed by the twin threats to moral, ordered society: Feminism and Homosexuality. It is a grave situation indeed.


Government agencies, including police departments, have raised a question during “gay pride” month that a constitutional attorney suggests ought to be answered.

In Houston, Texas, a police car draped in the rainbow flag was used in the local “pride” parade. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, police cars displayed a rainbow decal during the month.

As for the officers using the vehicles, Liberty Counsel attorney and founder Mat Staver says it confronts them with an agenda that is “in your face” and may violate their religious convictions.

“They have not only a constitutional right under the First Amendment and the state constitutions, but they also have federal, local and state law protections with regard to religious discrimination,” he explains, “and the employers need to protect and accommodate that religious objection.”

While these departments appear to bend over backward supporting the LGBT agenda, when police departments have other types of decals on vehicles – displaying such phrases as the national motto – they are sued.


“That’s the difficult problem that we have today with the left agenda,” Staver responds. “If you have ‘In God We Trust’ or anything religious or something that’s part of our real history in America, they’re going nuts – but then they want to put these rainbow flags and rainbow colors onto the government police vehicles and other kinds of agencies and, even as Obama did, on the White House itself.”

The attorney describes it as “shameful and clearly a political agenda.” He also told OneNewsNow that any officer or other government employee compelled to promote the LGBT agenda against their will can contact his legal firm.


A Note for our Readers: The Christian community has been systematically targeted by the homosexual community, moreover it is winning the war between good and evil, if you remain silent on these issues you are enabling the enemy.

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