Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Google are the enemies of true (ungodly) OWG…

YouTube(Google), Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft are teaming up to create a censorship database, so that when one of them bans/censors something it will be censored on the other platforms as well. And more companies are expected to join in.

I tried to Advertise on Bing Ads program 7/5/2017  here’s Microsoft reply.

Dear Stevie Ray Hansen,

Re: Service Request 1390838954.

Based on our investigation, your account will remain closed. For privacy and security reasons, we cannot provide details around your specific account closure, but the account was determined to be high-risk to other customers or advertisers, as stated in our Editorial Guidelines.


Bing Ads Support

Google+ Tweeter FaceBook and Microsoft have either ban HNewsWire and are currently shadow banning my comments, my news articles or tweets, in other words folks, there making it very hard for me to get a message of truth out. These conglomerates (globalist) fully intend for you to have one message,. One narrative, one viewpoint, the OWG.

I would call that ungodly totalitarian, another description “one world government”. These ungodly word Masters want Mr. Trump gone, and truth seekers such as the daily signal, HNewsWire, onenewsnow, AFA and a handful of other new sites that publish the truth out of business, censored, gone, and they’ll do anything to accomplishes their goals.

The truth has always been what this country was founded on, but no longer is that the case, they will turn this country into a sewer pit of transgender, homosexual, lying, dishonest, rebellious ungodly citizens. We either stand up and stop this today or tomorrow may be hell on earth, revelations, all biblical facts, prophecy being manifest before our very eyes. There is only one solution (GOD).


Commentary By StevieRay Hansen

StevieRay Hansen the Shepherd, analyzing the news and the mainstream media, truth is the new hate speech, journalist are not journalist, their propaganda talking heads. As long as you want to be a part of the crowd, you will not understand the truth.
America is on the road to destruction and we are watching a nation ROT from the inside out.

Support HNewsWire to help build a global news network that provides a credible source for world news We believe Christians need and deserve their own global news network to keep the worldwide Church informed, and to offer Christians a positive alternative to the anti-Christian bigotry of the mainstream news media. Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, it is painfully clear that the mainstream media covers liberals glowingly and conservatives critically.
Now journalists spread false, negative rumors about President Trump before any evidence is even produced.
Americans need an alternative to the mainstream media. That’s why HNewsWire exists. Please make a gift to support HNewsWire
Be Bless. StevieRay Hansen….

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