LogoTV, a “Homosexual” television network that offers morning to night coverage of homosexual sex, REALLY…

When God created marriage, He designed it to between one man and one woman (Genesis 2:24). To hijack God’s design and modify it to our own liking, no longer makes it God’s design… When a car manufacturer has an idea, he creates a blueprint that is used to create a prototype… And the prototype is the first of its kind and it sets apart the very thing that is going to be created later.
So let’s say an individual later guts out the inside of that car, puts switches on it, changes the engine, repaints the car, etc.. It is no longer the original design and Ford, Toyota (whoever is the car manufacturer), can no longer put that car on display. It is now false advertisement of their car. And God did the same with marriage, He created a prototype of marriage with Adam and Eve. Let us follow the Creator’s original design.

We are seeing sexual freedom run amok, and this has become the new pagan Oneist canopy that eliminates God and moral standards. It will certainly not be the Christian canopy if Bernie Sanders, a recent and serious presidential candidate, whose wife is being investigated for fraud by the FBI [!], has anything to do with it. Dismissing evangelical Christian Russell Vought’s faith as unacceptable for a nominee for a White House post, Sanders stated: “I would simply say, Mr. Chairman, that this nominee is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about. I will vote no.” His vote implicitly eliminated millions of Bible-believing Christians from public office.
A pseudo-morality based on total sexual freedom animates contemporary culture, as can be seen in the following:
• Gay pride parades, now common throughout the West, that include naked men engaged in public sex;
• LogoTV, a “queer” television network that offers morning to night coverage of homosexual sex, drag queen extravaganzas and the promotion of exotic transgenderism.
• Very modern parents who deliberately expose their children to all sexual expressions. At age 8, Audrey Cisneros was taken by her parents to her first drag show. At 9, she now considers herself an expert and believes: “A drag show is a very, very fun and special event where people can express themselves for who they really are.” [Fresno Bee, June 24, 2017]. This child epitomizes what the rising generation is now being brainwashed to believe.

Pagan sex is facilitated by pagan spirituality. Yoga, which is ultimately the worship of the god within, is taking over the world as a hundred countries recently celebrated yoga day. More obviously pagan, witchcraft is growing in popularity, holding its paganicon conference in the Midwest and claiming that area as “paganistan.” The classy women’s magazine, Vogue, encourages women frustrated by today’s political climate to “awaken your inner witch” by reciting incantations to “call back” their feminist power.

The erection of this new Oneist canopy is facilitated by global technology. The smiling face of CEO Mark Zuckerberg reassures us that Facebook’s algorithm for its 2 billion users can offer a “sense of purpose” and “community” in the face of “declining membership in churches and other groups.” He chillingly adds that this will “strengthen our overall social fabric and bring the world closer together.” Oh for a closer walk with Zuckerberg!

The sacred canopy used to be Twoism, under which the Gospel was freely preached all over the globe. Today Christians in the West must renew their intention to preach Gospel truth fearlessly under the dulling canopy of Oneism, with no help and indeed with much hindrance from the culture, but doing so with the confidence of Paul who, going to Oneist Rome, said: I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ because it is the power of God unto salvation [Romans 1:16] And we all know what happened to Rome!

The problem today is that “the myth of individual freedom” has by now torn “away the last vestiges of the old order, convinced that true happiness and harmony will be ours once all limits have been nullified.” Gay marriage is individual freedom’s “decisive blow” because it destroys the last communal restraint: traditional marriage. Since every culture “imposes a series of moral demands on its members for the sake of serving communal purposes,” the lack of these limits in contemporary America portends the end of Western culture and represents its final “deconversion” from Christianity.

People pretty much absorb the prevailing cultural stereotypes generated by the media, as Walter Lippmann taught us. And what finally persuaded a mass public—by way of constant reinforcement from TV news, sitcoms, and in every classroom—was changing the argument from freedom to “marriage equality.” In fact, the American people were told that allowing equality in marriage was the moral thing to do. This assertion of cultural and political power, not the individual freedom arising from Christianity, is what has truly led to what Dreher calls the “final triumph of the Sexual Revolution.”

Sad, Sick and Hell bound , Comment By StevieRay Hansen






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