Homosexual Billionaire’s got it backwards….

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality says a billionaire’s money will not alter the truth of the Bible.

Tim Gill has poured millions of dollars into homosexual activist groups and political campaigns to advance the LGBT cause. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Gill refers to those who don’t agree with the lifestyle and the demands of activists as “wicked.” LaBarbera suggests the opposite is actually the truth.

LaBarbera, Peter

“The problem is he’s got it completely backwards, which is what the prophet Isaiah predicted in chapter 5 verse 20, right? Good is evil and evil is good,” he says, paraphrasing the Old Testament verse. “So it is people who are trying to normalize the sin of homosexuality as an identity and even change the definition of marriage to accommodate what God called an abomination. That is wicked.”

Gill has pumped over $420 million into homosexual rights causes over the last 20 years and says he plans to continue to do so by using his money to “punish the wicked” and challenging states that have passed or are considering religious freedom laws.

“Tim Gill is a bigot and he’s an intolerant bigot at that,” LaBarbera reacts. “He wants to squelch dissent; he wants to squelch the very Judeo/Christian values that help make our country great. But all Tim Gill’s millions or billions or whatever he has cannot eradicate God’s truth. The Bible stands true yesterday, today, and forever.”

LaBarbera says Gill is only one of many wealthy people shaking their fists at God with their fists full of money – “and it will not alter the truth one bit,” he adds.


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